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“You can only learn so much from blog posts and free content about Facebook Ads. In order to get an edge on the competition or just to stay up-to-date with all the changes on the Facebook Ads platform, it’s important to share experiences, tips, tricks, and your best practices with other marketers.

I’ve been lucky to be a part of marketing communities over the years that have helped me stay sharp. I’ve seen the value of a strong marketing community.

I want Edge to another one of those communities.”

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The Private Community

  • Discuss Facebook Ads w/ a growing community of FB Ad marketers
  • Uncover the latest tips, tricks, and best practices
  • Ask questions that might get featred in a QA video
  • Network, make friends, share a virtual beer or coffee (cheers!)

Weekly Premium Content

  • Stay up-to-date on the newest Facebook Ads features
  • Get your questions answered in our Question & Answer videos
  • Access detailed How-To videos so you can execute

Premium Facebook Library

  • Tap into a growing library of helpful Facebook Ads resource content
  • 2-4 additional videos every month

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