Miguel Bravo // Digital Marketer

Facebook Ads Specialist

Miguel Bravo

Facebook Ads Specialist

My Experience and Background

I have over 10 years of experience in digital marketing with a focus on content marketing and paid social media (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest Ads, Twitter Ads). As a Facebook Ads specialist and consultant, I’ve successfully managed 7-figure ad full funnel campaigns for clients across a variety of verticals and industries. I’m the founder of content marketing company New Content Collective, Digital Edge marketing educator, and one of the longest-tenured Paid Social Consultants in the Apiary Digital collective

Increased revenue and ROAS 2X ($4MM) for a global travel company 

By revamping the travel company’s Facebook Ad funnel and incorporating relevant non-promotional content at all stages of the consumer journey (not just the top), we are able to consistently see year-over-year Return On Ad Spend and revenue growth for 13 consecutive months, All this, while growing our email list and remarketing pool for long term revenue. 

Generated over 2.5MM clicks at a CTR of 5.3% for a world-famous recipe website

A popular Jewish food recipe blog was looking to efficiently grow their audience in North America and Israel via Facebook Ads. In addition to generating the 2.5MM clicks, I’ve also fueled over 20K email sign ups,  184K comments and shares, and 9.7MM people reached– all metrics well-below industry average cost per results. 

Developed a content marketing program for a network of 159 independently-owned pharmacies

A network of pharmacies in LA, South Florida, and Texas were looking to increase exposure in their respective cities. The problem for most was, they had minimal budgets, they didn’t have compelling content, and they didn’t have the resources to utilize social media. To solve this issue, I created a program that not only created relevant video content in mass, but also distributed it in their respective markets. In total, those campaigns reached over 4MM consumers, generating nearly 10MM video views and 300K clicks. 

Successfully managed a 1MM Black Friday ad spend for a for a 1B dollar startup 

Over the course of 5 days (the Thursday before Black Friday through Cyber Monday), I successfully managed over 1MM in ad spend with a higher year-over-year ROAS. 

I was a featured guest on an Season 1 episode of Apiary Digital’s The Hive Is Alive Podcast 

I discuss my personal experience creating and using AOL Instant Messenger chatbots all the way to today’s rapid implementation of Facebook Messenger bots. By the end of the episode, you should be able to grasp the ease and effectiveness of including chatbots into your marketing strategy. 

About New Content Collective

New Content Collective is a small team of marketing experts, content creators, and entrepreneurs that are dedicated to helping all-sized businesses with their content marketing.