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Miguel Bravo

Facebook Ads Specialist

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Miguel has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing with a focus on content marketing and paid social media. As a Meta Ads specialist and consultant, Miguel has successfully managed 7-figure ad campaigns for clients across a variety of verticals and industries. He’s the founder of content marketing company New Content Collective, as well as a member of the Apiary Digital collective of expert location-independent digital marketers.

Working with small-to-medium sized businesses has always been a passion for Miguel. Over the last few years, Miguel has learned A LOT about how to run successful Meta Ad campaigns. His goal is to adapt that knowledge into solutions for fellow marketers and businesses of all size. 

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Need someone to run your Meta Ads for you? Miguel is the founder of New Content Collective, a collective of Meta Ads and content marketing specialists.  

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About Miguel Bravo

Miguel is dedicated to providing unique solutions for fellow digital marketers and businesses of all sizes.